70 Hornby Road, Blackpool, Lancs, FY1 4QJ
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Freetobook “Blackpool Together Project”

Hello there fellow freetobookers.

I have been researching the idea of setting up a direct booking website for Blackpool, however it is not as easy to do as many of you may think.

Freetobook has the ‘Together’ Programme, which will allow the freetobook users to come together to list their properties on one website.

I have been given the costings, to get it up and running would cost each property £70 to be listed, that will cover the setup costs and running costs to get this project off the ground, this is based on 20 properties on the scheme.

The fee as stated above, does not include covering the cost of advertising, to have a decent shot at this, we would need more than 30 properties on the scheme, which would allow abour £700 for advertising.

I am willing to design the website and host it as well as make updates and administrations for no fee, I just want to get this project off the ground so that we can get bookings.

As the project stands, it is for freetobook users only and all bookings made via the site will be classed as direct, so there will be no commission to pay to anyone and freetobook do not charge you a fee either.

Please help me to gauge whether or not this will work by registering your interest below.